An Inside Look at DJ Flight, Our Resident DJ at OMNIA Los Cabos


Bryan “Flight” Sosa moves us with his music each week. We sat down with him to learn a little bit more about his experiences.


Before the days of headlining dayclub events and parties at OMNIA Los Cabos, how did you first start DJ’ing?

I got my start DJ’ing in 7th grade, playing music at lunch and DJ’ing small school dances.  That summer, I purchased a “DJ in a box” system with a couple of turntables, bought a bunch of vinyl, and have been DJ’ing ever since.  At age 18, I began playing at various bars and clubs. At age 20, my club career began, where I rocked parties and events from San Luis Obispo, CA, to San Diego, 3-4 nights a week for 10 years.

I was fortunate enough to be the Saturday resident DJ at a concert venue, where I’d open and close for acts from virtually every genre of music (Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, Jeff Bridges, Willie Nelson, Sublime with Rome, Iration, The Expendables, Redman, and Flobots, just to name a few). Playing there grew my musical tastes and style, and really helped mold the eclectic, diverse sound that you hear today when I play.

About a decade traveling throughout California, I decided to make a huge life change, moving to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2016.  Living in an international city required me to evolve and learn even more musical stylings. When the opportunity to become the resident DJ at OMNIA Los Cabos presented itself, it was a no-brainer, and thanks to my experience in the United States and Mexico, the music you will experience connects with everybody who comes to our club.


What has been your favorite experience at OMNIA Dayclub Los Cabos so far?

My favorite experience at OMNIA would have to be the Kaskade show!  The vibes and energy before, during, and after the show were off the charts. We were packed the second the doors opened, all the way until they closed at sunset, 8 hours later. From Co2 blasting off all day, champagne showers from the bottle service, a legendary DJ (and great person) headlining, and then to our locals singing along to all of the Latin hits at the end of the day; it was a perfect day in the life of a DJ here in Cabo.


What makes ONNIA Los Cabos unique from other dayclubs in Cabo?

As somebody who frequented Las Vegas since the dayclub era really began, has been to pool parties all throughout the Caribbean from Cancun to Tulum, and an industry veteran, I’ve never experienced anything like OMNIA Los Cabos. What I tell everybody is to imagine the most aesthetically pleasing dayclub in Las Vegas, combine it with the most insane party, add being literally on the Cabo beach overlooking the Sea of Cortez, and you get OMNIA Los Cabos. Entering through the OMNIA Skywalk gets your adrenaline flowing, then when you walk through the doors and you get your first glimpse of the club, the ocean, the pool; there’s nothing like it!  Beyond the aesthetics and amazing parties, the staff is the friendliest and most energetic bunch you’ll ever meet! Ordering a round of shots from our legendary bartenders is a must for the full experience.


There’s a lot of great restaurants here in Cabo, and Herringbone & Casa Calavera are two of them! What is your favorite dish at both spots?

As a super serious home cook, I like to think my food is restaurant quality, but Chef Alex Branch really is that dude. Taco Tuesdays at Casa Calavera are a local favorite, and the short rib tacos are to die for! But my all-time favorite meal has to be the Lechon at Herringbone. My daughter usually ends up eating all of it, but the flavors are absolutely amazing. (Learn more about our restaurants by clicking HERE.)